Hochalpines Institut Ftan – HIF Swiss International School and Sports Academy

Coeducation (12-19)
Day and Boarding School
+41 81 861 22 11
Hochalpines Institut Ftan AG, Chalchera 154, 7551 Ftan (Scuol)
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Année de fondation 1793
Phase d'inscription / Grades Grades 7-11
Pensionnat Day and Boarding School
Nombre d'étudiants 80-100
Nationalités 20+
Ratio prof / élève 1:5
Accréditations Accredited by the Canton of Graubünden for the Swiss Matura, Cambridge Assessment as a centre for IGCSE, IB World School, TELC Language Test Center
Directeur Beat Sommer
Frais de scolarité annuels (Min) 53.400 CHF
Frais de scolarité annuels (Max) 64.400 CHF


HIF Swiss International School and Sports Academy is an open-hearted campus community where young people from around the world can thrive in the sublime, health-giving environment of the Swiss Alps. It is a co-educational secondary school offering a range of educational programmes for students in school years/ grades 7 to 12. It is accredited by the Canton of Graubünden to prepare and examine students for the Swiss Matura and by Cambridge Assessment as a centre for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE). HIF proudly holds IB World School status and is offering the IB Diploma programme.
We are guided by the humanitarian traditions of Switzerland and the values of the great Swiss educators. True to their legacy, HIF fosters a student-centred school culture and caring relationships between educators and learners. This is manifested in high standards of teaching and learning, the discovery and development of individual talent and achievement within a motivating, supportive community.
At HIF we prepare our students to go out into the world with the knowledge, intellectual skills and emotional maturity to find fulfilment in their personal lives as well as in their academic and professional careers. The school aims to promote open-mindedness, critical thinking, self-directed research and teamwork through teaching and learning with a local, national and international outlook. We challenge our students to become internationally minded citizens with a sense of responsibility for our shared planet. We want them to understand that fairness, kindness and community spirit help to make the world a better place.
For our dedicated house parents at HIF nothing is more important than the happiness of their house and that depends on the health, happiness and safety of each child in their care. House parents are not just carers or activity organisers or supervisors. Although they are all of these, they are first and foremost educators. They work as a team in close cooperation with teachers, school leaders, sports coaches, medical staff and, of course, parents to provide the holistic education expressed in HIF’s mission statement.
Sport promotes health, well-being, resilience, self-discipline, and team spirit. What is more, sport is a source of joy, excitement and inspiration. With its team of expert coaches and high-profile training facilities, HIF enables students to combine competitive or leisure sports with an academic programme of their choice. Special support and mentoring programmes ensure the coordination of sport and academics.
Co-Curricular Activities and Clubs:
In summer: tennis, golf, football, skateboarding, slackline, trampolines, biking, hiking
In winter: nordic skiing, alpine skiing, and snowboarding, ice hockey, ice skating
HIF Summer Adventure Camp (18th July – 31st July 2021)
The HIF International Summer Adventure Camp 2020 is a two-week learning journey, high above the world at 1700 meters on the campus of the Hochalpines Institut Ftan (HIF) in the Engadine, Switzerland. Ftan is a village on the doorstep of the Swiss National Park with its wildlife and its untouched landscape of mountains, forests, and rivers. It is just waiting to be explored. Our Summer Camp brings together young people from around the world to live and learn together. It will be a summer to remember for the adventure, the friendships, for the fun and laughter, and for the inspiration, you will take home with you.
Learn and practice your German or English skills
Explore the Alps with its wildlife, rushing rivers, forests, and mountain peaks
Discover new talents and help organize and lead an activity as a team member
Develop the confidence to try out and practice rock climbing, river rafting, horseback riding.


HIF brochure German
HIF brochure English


Programme d'étude

Swiss Matura, Cambridge IGCSE, IB Diploma Programme (IBDP)

Langues d'enseignement

English and German

Langues étrangères

English, German, French, Italian, Romansh, Latin



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