Jinseki International School (JINIS)

Co-education (6-13)
Boarding school
+81 50-3646-9711
5090 Tokiyasu, Jinsekikogen, Jinseki District, Hiroshima 720-1603 Japan
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Année de fondation
Phase d'inscription / Grades Grades 1 to 6
Pensionnat Boarding school
Nombre d'étudiants Max. 144
Nationalités New School
Ratio prof / élève 1 : 6
Accréditations MEXT - Japan (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, Technology)
Directeur Nicholas Gunn
Frais de scolarité annuels (Min) 6,000,000 JPY
Frais de scolarité annuels (Max) 6,000,000 JPY


Jinseki International School (JINIS) is Japan’s first dual language British Curriculum boarding school to open in April 2020. Set in the picturesque Chugoku Mountains, JINIS promotes academic excellence coupled with wellness through healthy living including activities such as skiing, golf and horse riding. The school is nestled on a 50,000 square metre site with an adjoining hotel, golf club and farm that provides fresh produce and dairy for pupils.

The school will follow the National Curriculum of England enriched in an international context. Pupils will receive a rigorous, creative curriculum with specific goals and a focus on investigative learning. Through a broad and enhanced dual language curriculum, JINIS pupils will develop as internationally minded citizens as well as become highly competent in both written and spoken English and Japanese.

A strong emphasis will be placed on developing pupils’ independence, allowing them to take increasing responsibility for their learning, personal belongings and self-care. JINIS will provide the highest level of pastoral care, creating a family atmosphere that will become a ‘home away from home’ for all.

JINIS Headmaster Interview
JINIS Brochure


Programme d'étude

Dual language UK National Curriculum enhanced by Japanese National Curriculum objectives with a focus on STEAM and the natural world.

Langues d'enseignement

English and Japanese

Langues étrangères

Additional mother tongue language support will be available based on the needs of our pupils.


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Offering a wide range of activities from sports clubs, the Arts, STEM, horse back riding, skiing, golf, cooking and caring for animals.
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