St. Stephen’s School Rome

Coeducation (13-18)
Ecole de Jour|Internat
+39 06 575 0605
Via Aventina, 3, 00153 Roma RM, Italy
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Année de fondation n/a
Phase d'inscription / Grades
Pensionnat Ecole de Jour|Internat
Nombre d'étudiants 275
Nationalités 40
Ratio prof / élève n/a
Accréditations n/a
Directeur Eric Mayer
Frais de scolarité annuels (Min) EUR 24'450
Frais de scolarité annuels (Max) EUR 24'450


Nestling at the foot of the Aventine, the most exclusive of Rome’s seven hills, and a stone’s throw from the city’s great imperial sites, our international non-denominational high school for boarding and day students has built its academic program and reputation on the classical heritage of our host country, Italy, and the rigor of two prestigious educational models: the American, independent college-preparatory curriculum, and the International Baccalaureate Diploma.Mens Voluntas GratiaOur students come from all over the world to pursue their high school education in an atmosphere of scholarly endeavor, creative exploration and multicultural exchange. Our motto articulates the dedication to academic excellence shared by students and faculty alike:- Mens (mind): the ability to think critically, creatively and scientifically, coupled with a good dose of natural curiosity;- Voluntas (will): the motivation to succeed and the potential to excel academically;- Gratia (influence): interpreted as personal and social integrity, cooperation and concern for others and commitment to community, both local and global.At 275 students we are small, forty boarders constitute our ‘nuclear’ family, the experiential dimension of our curriculum, which includes an extensive trip program, confers a ‘hands on’ feel to our academics and our location, in the heart of the Eternal City and at the crossroads of Europe, provides a rich cultural context in which to learn and grow. The faculty at St. Stephen’s are scholars, artists, writers and scientists who are passionate about their subjects and illuminate the minds and lives of the students they teach, each day and every year.We look forward to welcoming new students who wish to join us; we would love to hear from you again if you already belong to our global family. Meanwhile, from inside the walls of our cloistered campus, we invite you to tour our site, virtually, or in person, whenever you wish.


Programme d'étude

International Baccalaureate (IB) program and some Advanced Placement (AP) program courses are offered

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Langues étrangères

Italian, French, Spanish, Greek, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Chinese and Latin.


International Baccalaureate

Conseil universitaire


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