The British International School of Riyadh

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Day School
+966 11 248 2387
Ash Shuhada, Riyadh 13241, Saudi Arabia
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Année de fondation 1977
Phase d'inscription / Grades Preschool, Primary, Secondary, Sixth Form
Pensionnat Day School
Nombre d'étudiants 1400
Nationalités 55
Ratio prof / élève NA
Accréditations BSME, CIS
Directeur Chris Mantz
Frais de scolarité annuels (Min)
Frais de scolarité annuels (Max)


We are proud to be an independent British International School! What makes us British? We follow the National Curriculum for England to the end of Year 9, GCSE courses in Years 10 and 11, and A levels courses in Years 12-13. We benchmark ourselves against private and leading state schools in Britain. We have long-standing links with British universities. Our staff frequently go on training courses in the U.K. and we bring British trainers, speakers and facilitators into school to work directly with staff and students. We have a strong and valued relationship with the British embassy and with the RGBB. Our adherence to a modified National Curriculum for England enables students to transfer seamlessly to U.K. schools or universities if or when they return to Britain. What makes us independent? We are independent from the UK government and we are not overseen by any local authority. OfStEd has no power over our practices and although we cast a critical eye over UK initiatives, our educational practice is governed by one simple question: What is in the best interests of our students? So what makes us International? We have 55 nationalities in the school and we have to prepare our students for life in a complex and interdependent world. Preparation for university is a must, but we also have a responsibility to prepare students for life beyond university in an increasingly complex world. Global citizenship and global ethos must have a core place in all that we do. In our school we feel that we must strive to instil in our students personal ethical behaviour and an appreciation of diversity. They must understand and be able to act on global issues, communicate in more than one language and develop a sense of personal responsibility to a wider community. We believe that our curriculum, as well as the very broad enrichment programme, enables our student to experience a British and International education.


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Arabic, French, Spanish


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